Mengapa memesan langsung dengan kami

Mengapa memesan langsung dengan kami

  • Welcome massage
  • Return airport transfer
  • Flower petal bath set
  • Afternoon tea & minibar setiap hari
  • 10% diskon spa & makanan

Owned by a group of friends who decided to establish a serene hideaway where couples can find a peaceful place to escape, rejuvenate and relax, the idea behind Villa Air Bali was to create a retreat where the element water and Bali's nature is predominant, allowing you to reconnect.

'Air', means 'water' in Bahasa Indonesia and symbolizes the flow of life, purity, serenity, healing and cleansing.

Our logo represents Balinese Ways of Life: Tri Hita Karana

We believe by approaching the balance of life between Human, Nature and God, it also symbolize Villa Air's main concept itself: