Surrounded by generous, tropical gardens, Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort & Spa is a peaceful retreat near buzzling Seminyak, combining Balinese and Asian design with Zen elements, to create a space of ultimate privacy and personal service. 'Air', meaning water in Bahasa Indonesia symbolizes the flow of life, purity, serenity, healing and cleansing. The element has been woven into the resort's architectural design to let every guest experience the pleasures of the distinctive surroundings.

Water symbolizes the whole of potentiality – the source of all possible existence.  – Mircea Eliade

Water plays a vital role in Balinese life. The Balinese call their Hindu religion Agama Tirtha, 'The Religion of the Holy Water'. The Sanskrit word Tirtha means ‘holy’ or 'to cleanse’. To the Balinese, water is the foundation of prosperity, and therefore present in all ceremonies. At Villa Air Bali, we are committed to support the traditions and our local community family, to preserve the beauty of Bali for future generations and to let all our guests experience the unique and rich culture and traditions of Bali, the Island of Gods.

Tri Hita Karana


In Bali, the concept and philosophy of life is called 'Tri Hita Karana', which literally translates as the 'Three Causes of Happiness'. The philosophy manifests in three elements that describe our relationships to Human, Nature and God. We are proud to incorporate the principle in our concept and resort.




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    Yuyu Yen - 04 March 2018
    OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Best food and garden in Bali

    This time I came to Villa Air the first impression is very calm to me.Their food is very delicious Mie Goreng, Balinese Curry, Japanese breakfast and even Spaghetti!  Fresh juice and dessert is with healthy taste. Portion and price are perfect. Let me just want to stay in this villa for whole day.

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    Yuta I - 14 February 2018
    OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Best choice for Japanese

    We visited together with whole family total 9 people.There is Japanese staff and almost most of the staff can speak Japanese very well.
    We stayed in Grand Pool Villa Four Bedroom. Service is very good here and we feel comfortable to stay here and to have wedding ceremony. I am very satisfied. 


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    Poppingcorn - 30 April 2017
    OVERALL EXPERIENCE: The most amazing time!

    We stayed in one bed pool villa for 4 nights. I spent a relaxing time that I could not try in domestic travel with a big enough space. The most important thing is that the employees smiled and responded to their impressive remarks. Also you can feel comfortable shopping and eating out. I am satisfied with the service as well. I traveled to Bali for 25th wedding anniversary and visited Bali again for the first time in ten years. Next time, I would like to take this villa on 40th anniversary.

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    Alice - 28 December 2017
    OVERALL EXPERIENCE: It was beautiful and I will recommend to everyone

    Everything was of a high standard, the grounds, the villa and most of all the staff. They could not have done more for us, so warm, friendly and professional. They really do go above and beyond. The food we had was excellent, tasty and well presented.

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    Mark - 25 January 2018
    OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Our stay was super fantastic and we highly recommend the Villa Air Bali

    Our villa was upgraded and it was amazing. Shuttle bus picked us up from the airport and could drop and pick us up throughout our stay. The breakfast was amazing with many choices. Luxurious, quiet and clean, the Villa Air Bali really exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend staying here if you are a couple.